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Transform your hair and your confidence


Elevate Your Instagram

If you're a hairstylists or small business owner, I'm here to help you elevate your business.


After mastering so many coloring practices for the best outcomes, I am set to deliver and teach you the best techniques and latest trends for Instagram growth!

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Blonding Classes with AJ Roosma

One-on-one Classes

Are you a stylist who learns better on a one on one setting?

I'd love to teach you many professional techniques, including social media and the little details that make all the difference in being a next-level stylist. We will customize a session that would work best for you and your goals. 

Makeup, Skincare Analysis & Application

I work very closely with my clients from the beginning to ensure I understand their exact needs, wants, lifestyle, budget, and any other important details. Book one of my consultations today to learn more about what I provide.

Blonding, makeup and beauty services
Online consultation

Advanced Blonding Classes

Host a class or request a class in my salon! I'd love to help your team gain advanced balayage, foilayage, or social media knowledge and skillsets that will impact their career immensely!

If you’re interested, reserve your spot as soon as possible. And of course feel free to reach out with any questions.


A Certified Hair and Skin Care Professional 

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March 2014

Gene Juarez Academy 

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January 2011

Business of Balayage Certified

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Fall 2019

Ashlee Norman Hair Triple Threat Foilayage

See My Work, Learn Hairstyling and more!

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Lived in color, natural makeup and skincare 

Custom Blonding Services

Custom Blonding Services

Hand-Painted Balayage
Starting at $150

Lived-In Blonding Foilayage

Starting at $275

Glossing & Color Melting
Starting at $70

Classic Foils

Starting at $150

Beauty and health treatments

Hair Treatments

Custom Haircut
Starting at ... $60

Bond-Building treatments
Olaplex treatment with style ... $60

Hair styling lesson
A customized one hour session helping you discover the right products, tools, and techniques to give you that fresh-out-of-the-salon look! I will guide you through the process and teach you all my favorites tips and tricks. ... $60

Make up & skincare AJ Roosma

Makeup & Skincare

Makeup bag makeover 

One hour makeup and skincare consultation (free with $60 minimum purchase)

Beauty Consultation


Makeup & Skincare

For skincare and makeup consultations, Anna can help you with a few questions, show you a few tips and tricks, help you find the right product, or determine what type of full session would be ideal to schedule you with.

Complimentary consultations are 15 minutes

Full sessions are 60 minutes. 



Any Questions? Let me know

 What can I expect at my appointment?

Whether your appointment is relatively short, or takes all day, I want you to feel super comfortable. I will provide water and La Crouix bubbly water, magazines, and snack + protein bars. You are welcome (and encouraged) to bring a lunch, coffee, book, laptop etc. I don't mind if my clients want to get work done at the salon as long as it's done in a respectful way (noise level, phone conversations to a minimum) that keep the comfort of other clients in the salon in mind. Please do not bring children as I work in a small shared space and want to focus all my attention on my client and their hair service, free of distraction.

How do I know which service is right for me?

As a new client, consultations are vital in providing me with helpful information about your hair and/or makeup & skincare regimens. Please book a complimentary consultation so we can discuss all your goals and I can give you a specific price quote and create a plan that will work best for both of us. 

What is the difference between Classic Foils, Foilayage, and Hand-Painted Balayage? 

Classic foils are a traditional foil service that brings the foils all right up to the scalp and requires maintenance every 6-10 weeks. It's simple, and one of my most time-friendly services, usually being between 1.5 and 3 hours. Foilayage is a service ideal for the client who has darker hair or resistant to lifting and wants a balayage look that is lighter than their hair can get with my hand-painted Balayage service. Foilayage is a very advanced technique that requires a tedious application and takes anywhere from 3-6 hours, but is only needed 2 times per year. Hand-painted Balayage uses clay-based lightener to deliver a sun-kissed blonde and only provides minimal to moderate amounts of lift in the hair. It is extremely customizable and can be applied in many different ways to offer various looks for the client. The grow-out with balayage is softer than with foils and foilayage and is usually required 2-3 times a year - offering a low-maintenance option. Hand-painted Balayage usually takes between 2.5-3.5 hours. All services are implemented after a thorough consultation and will be determined based on the goals and budget of the client. I will work with you to find the perfect service for your hair!  

 I don't see kids haircuts, mens and women's haircuts, or another service listed on your website... Do you offer those services any more?

At this time, my focus is solely on lived-in coloring and haircuts for those clients, treatments, makeup and skincare consultations, educating my clients (styling tutorials etc.). Please reach out if you have any questions or if you would like a referral to a trusted stylist for a service I no longer offer.  Feel free to email me at annaroosma@gmail.com and I'll connect you with a list of referrals or answer your questions. 

What clients are saying about AJ ROOSMA BEAUTY

- Nancy M.

"Anna is THE best! I moved to Bellingham a few years ago and am thrilled to have found her. She gives a consistently fantastic haircut with beautiful color. She has taught me how to change up my styling which makes me feel young and more carefree. And she is such a genuinely kind person who is so much fun to chat with. I am truly a loyal customer and highly recommend Anna!"

-Kayla W.

Anna has been doing my hair for years now. I look forward to it every time! It’s seriously a mini vacation for me! She is incredibly knowledgeable and talented with both hair and makeup and BONUS: she’s the nicest most caring friend you’ll ever find. If you need a hair lady...she’s your gal!!

- Casey S

Professional, fun and talented. Anna is really good at listening to what you want ... and when you’re just not sure what you want ... she’s there to help you figure that out. Whether it’s a haircut, color or both. She’s very talented and good at making your hair reflect how you want to feel ... beautiful. She’s also hilarious and fun to talk to. Highlight of my month. My hair cut ... aka pampering by Anna!

- Presley S.

Got balayage done by Anna and it looked AMAZING!! My first time ever getting my hair dyed so i was nervous about it turning out how i wanted but it looked great! I even gave her a reference photo of what i wanted and it came out just like the photo!:) 100% recommend.

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